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What call utility model? Which inventions can apply for utility model patents?

The term "utility model" in the patent law refers to a new technical solution that is applicable to the shape, construction or combination of the product. The difference between utility model and invention is: first, utility model is limited to products with certain shape, can not be a method, can not be a product without fixed shape; Secondly, the creative requirements of the utility model are not too high and practical.

The shape of a product is a defined space shape that can be observed from the outside. The technical scheme proposed for the shape of the product can be the technical plan proposed for the three-dimensional shape of the product, such as the improvement of the shape of the CAM and the shape of the tool; It can also be a technical solution to the two-dimensional shape of the product, such as the improvement of section shape of profile.

The construction of a product refers to the arrangement, organization and interrelationship of the various components of the product. The construction of a product can be mechanical or line construction. Mechanical structure refers to the relative position relations constitute a product parts, coupling relationship and cooperate with the necessary machinery, such as circuit structure refers to a product to determine the connection relations between components.

The composite layer can be considered as the structure of the product, the carburizing layer and oxide layer of the product belong to the composite layer structure.

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