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What is a trademark? What files are required to submit?

Prove trademark is to point to by for a certain commodity or service organization capable of supervision and control, and by the units or individuals to use outside of the organization in its goods or services, to show that the origin of goods or services, materials, manufacturing methods, quality or other specific quality marks.

Direct proof for trademark registration shall, in addition to submit according to regulations, fill in the application for trademark registration to print and seal of the applicant, the trademarks, identity documents copy (confirmed by the applicant affix one's seal), the agent id photocopy, and the administrative rules on the use of certification marks shall be submitted, and shall specify its or their authorized institutions of with professional and technical personnel, professional testing equipment, etc., to show its supervision of the certification marks demonstrate the ability of certain products quality. For details of the application, please check the "> application guide for >".