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Why should enterprises register and use "trademark" as soon as possible?

The "trademark" generic top-level domain name is the only generic top-level domain name with the suffix "trademark" on the global Internet. . "brand" is the business activities under the Internet information age for online identification, distinguish a goods, services, or related to specific individuals, enterprises and organizations of sources of information, true, authority and significant network identity, is a man at the same time, enterprises and organizations of the trademark in the world on the Internet use, expression, publicity, reveal and protection, and make the trademark rights on the Internet to get extension and expansion of enterprise online trademark logo. . "brand" is the visual brand, sounds and smells a trademark of "Internet domain names and intellectual property trademark" innovative online logo, intellectual property is a kind of new form of trademark, is the era of Internet information is the brand elements and symbols.

Companies registered trademark ". "as soon as possible, can let the enterprise online" trademark. "from the offline now or in the future of the same, at the same time increase the protection of enterprise net trademark and defensive ability, improve the rights protection, greatly reduce the enterprise trademark on the Internet by registered, theft and negative impact brought by the infringement or imitation, reputation or economic loss, and by rights dispute pay litigation costs.

The early registration and use of "trademark" can reduce the cost of publicity for the ununified brand name of the brand under the Internet. With "trademark." it is easy to use, can reduce the consumers, and users and partners due to a lack of unified enterprise online and offline brand name and cause the enterprise trademark on the cognition and use of chaos and disturbance. "Trademark." at the same time on the Internet can effectively protect and prevent counterfeiting and other unfair competitors with similar or similar trademarks to promote the sale of inferior or different products or services, thus reducing the consumer to purchase counterfeit goods and services, or go fishing site caused by the loss.

The company has "trademark", which increases the added value of trademark rights. . "brand" can be paid together with the trademark rights transfer or license another person to use, allows businesses to have the double value of brand value and the domain name value, enhance the brand value, enterprise to expand the value of enterprise trademark.

We have every reason to believe that tomorrow the Internet economy market will be much bigger than today. If the company loses its online "trademark" today, will the company have the Internet tomorrow? Many people realize that when many people see an opportunity, is it still a chance? The law of development tells us that winners only need to take one step at a time.

The success of many enterprises is the success of the brand. Having a good online brand is equal to having a broad market. A good online brand is more secure for profits. Therefore, early have a let consumers and partners trust, easy to identify and to recognize, easy to use and promotion, authority and enterprise off-line brand trademark name consistent online brand "trademark." for enterprise to carry out online business activities on the Internet is very important. The "logo" on the Internet represents a potential online competitiveness and profitability. To be a big operator, we should establish an online brand awareness and strategy. "Trademark" is the first step for enterprises to achieve success in the global Internet network.