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2017 11 National Day long vacation will come, still worried about where to play?

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In the coming year of the national holiday of National Day, it is an extravagant hope to find a few scenic spots. The sea of people in the scenic spots has become more and more tired, and has lost interest in every scenic spot. Today, I would like to share with you some of the most interesting tourist attractions in China.

1. Zhuhai (guangdong)

National Day in 2017 is a good place to go for a trip to the seaside city in October

Zhuhai is known as the city of 100 islands, and adjacent to Macao makes her a special economic zone. The typical subtropical scenery and quiet and relaxing lifestyle make people linger on her. The hot springs are good. The air is very good. Life is easy, there are romantic couples.

Zhuhai tourism strategy:

Cate: eat golden autumn October, it is guangdong seafood the most fertile season. Visiting the island at this time is neither too hot nor too crowded. We can eat the fresh seafood from the island's old food, which is almost the current hunting and killing. It was originally a seafood restaurant for the high-end seafood restaurant in Hong Kong. Along the way, there are all kinds of snacks and seafood for sale. When thirsty, you can buy a bowl of seaweed cold powder, thirst and health

Accommodation: there are not many hotel resources in the island, but more are residential reconstruction

Transportation: from shenzhen:

Ship: shekou wharf - jiuzhou port - xiangzhou port

Self-drive: navigation of zhuhai xiangzhou port ferry terminal, park to dock parking lot

Helicopter: landing at zhuhai jiuzhou airport

In fact, the surrounding cities like Hong Kong, Macao and guangzhou are worth visiting. If you have enough time, you might as well go there.

Shanghai, 2.

National Day, 2017, which is suitable for the trip to the seaside city in October (2)

The modern metropolis, the bund, the night view, the alley, the prosperous, the small endowment emotional appeal, the full street of the sycamore tree, the unique haipie qingkou, Shanghai is a city you will never forget.

Shanghai tourism strategy:

Gastronomy: the food of Shanghai includes all kinds of Chinese and foreign, have local characteristic snack, have the western-style food that has an emotional appeal in tall, also have delicious crab in October, might as well go to taste. The city god temple in Shanghai is a good place for food.

Accommodation: after all, it's a big city, where there are few places to live. You can book the hotel according to the itinerary, but it is a big city, so the price... You know ~ ~

Traffic: you can choose between the four and the water, the September 21 revival will also speed up to 350 kilometers per hour, and the friends in Beijing can reach Shanghai in 4 hours.

Sanya (hainan)

National Day, 2017, which is suitable for the trip to the seaside city in October (3)

Known as the "eastern Hawaii", sanya boasts the most beautiful seaside scenery on hainan island. It can bask in the sun, eat seafood, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of coconut trees.

Sanya is a city that melts people's hearts with blue skies. You can walk barefoot through the fine white sand of wuzhizhou; Can change into diving suit, dive into the deep blue sea; You can look up at the giant sea view of the south mountain temple; Can listen to the beautiful legends of the ends of the earth, can listen to the band in a five-star hotel, taste the various self-help food, also can eat the seafood processing shops, eating all kinds of seafood.

Sanya tourism strategy:

Food: there are six special snacks in sanya: wenchang chicken, holding luo powder, qingliang cold, accretion duck, and joy crab, east goat. Go to sanya and try these six, it is said to be really delicious

Accommodation: choose the right accommodation and the trip is half done. The sanya hotel is mainly concentrated in the four great bay, whether it is the high-end hotel or the special inn, or the youth hostel, which is true to the heart, choosing the most important. Sanya has a lot of near the sea, have feelings, features and price moderate the theme of the inn, hiding in a lane, a quiet village, walk into, will make many wen-ching, small endowment big magic!

Traffic: sanya phoenix international airport, located 26 kilometers west of sanya city, is one of the major transportation airports in China.

4. Xiamen (fujian)

National Day, 2017, which is suitable for the trip to the seaside city in October (4)

Xiamen is one of the most livable cities in China, and the four seasons are the climate of the spring. There is also a gulangyu, which just entered the world cultural heritage list this year.

Xiamen is suitable for the city without the theme, the lines of the chaos dance on the roadside may want to comb the music of a city, with a kind of xiaozi feelings to meet a cat dog.

Xiamen tourism strategy:

Gastronomy: there are many delicacies in xiamen, including famous dishes such as the crystal mussel of longpalace and prawn of pine. Their characteristics are light and delicious. Gulangyu island road, zhongshan road pedestrian street, the leading Taiwanese food court and a stronghold of xiamen cuisine, rich and fresh snacks, rich seafood meal, make your mouth water, let you completely in love with this city.

Accommodation: in xiamen zhongshan road and adjacent An choice was to travel to xiamen, go to the gulangyu can also live on the island, from gulangyu back to xiamen, less than half an hour, after all, convenient ~ ~ very much

Traffic: you can arrange how to make it easy according to your own arrangement. Xiamen is a hospitable city, so long as you come, they will welcome you!

5. Weizhou island (guangxi)

National Day, 2017, which is suitable for the trip to the seaside city in October (5)

China's second most beautiful island, with lush vegetation and beautiful scenery, is known for its unique Marine and Marine features and volcanic lava. From a bird's eye view, weizhou island is like a bow emerald floating in the sea. The coastal waters are blue and blue, the seafloor corals and precious sea products are wonderful and wonderful. The islands are covered with luxuriant vegetation, beautiful scenery, strange sea erosion and sea deposits.

Weizhou island travel guide:


On weizhou island, seafood is a staple food and seafood is a staple food. Among them, the most popular varieties are the shrimp, which is large and cooked in pink and sweet and tender, so the children love it.

Accommodation: there are accommodation on this island from common rooms to deluxe rooms. There are hotels and fishermen's hotels. Prices range from 100 to 800. When you check in, you can ask if you can provide seafood processing. Some hostels only provide accommodation and accommodation for guests. The island also has a home for western food and coffee, and it is recommended for weizhou island harajuku inn, which is a relatively high price, ranging from 580 to 1800.


1. About the island traffic: take a boat to weizhou island is the only way to have the clippers slow boat, boat 36 miles, about 70 minutes, a boat reference time: 08:30, 11:15, 16:00, the ticket par time shall prevail, the clippers or slow boat will be subject to shipping company assorting, but the clippers and slow boat tour time on the island. We will arrange the overtime ship according to the situation of the island in the peak season. The above time is normal flight time. The ship is generally 150/ cheng and 300 yuan.

2. How to get to the boat dock: there are 3 buses from the city to the wharf, the north bay plaza will be turned off, and the end of the silver beach (via international passenger port), 2 yuan/person. You can also use a taxi-hailing app. Five car packages are delivered to the dock at about 50-60 yuan.

If there are too many people, want to stay away from the city's small friends, the next small make up to introduce you to several people few and fun tourist attractions to you, guaranteed satisfaction.

On the National Day holiday to shaoxing, a few dishes of anise beans and a pot of old yellow wine are served in the small shops of the ancient city to experience the leisure life of the people of jiangdong. At this time of the year, shaoxing will be able to catch the yellow wine festival of shaoxing, which is held every October as the annual yellow wine festival. Shaoxing yellow wine festival in China is a large-scale celebration of tourism, culture and economy, which is the carrier of Chinese famous wine, shaoxing yellow wine.

Dandong, a small border town north of the border with north Korea, across the river is north Korea. Go to dandong this season, maybe you can see the gold of dandong ginkgo. Dandong, the easternmost point of the Great Wall of China, is the starting point of the northernmost tip of China's Great Wall, with its coastal, riverside and border advantages.

Daocheng Aden, the legendary kingdom of shambala. Standing jump far, the vast expanse of heaven and earth, rocks, regrets soul-stirring, 1145 scattered in rocky rocky mountain lake, the blue jade, the scene is very spectacular, therefore DaoChengYa butyl shambhala is known as the last. A long, strange mountain road, traversing the sky, extending to the sky; The team of faithful worshippers of the team, toil, trek, only foot on this holy land, dedicated to the head of the land.

Autumn (September - October) is daocheng most poetic season of the year, 11 National Day trip to daocheng, time is just right, this time the daocheng outside the red grass and yellow ten thousand mu of forests to swimming in the ocean of colour, hand in photograph reflect with the blue sky white clouds. The night of the season and the early morning of the mountain are dreamlike.

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