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Notice about National Day - Mid-Autumn festival holiday

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Dear colleagues,

National Day - the Mid-Autumn festival is approaching, according to the state council's regulations on the statutory holidays and the actual situation of my work unit, the relevant items of the 2017 National Day holiday are hereby notified as follows:

The Mid-Autumn festival is on October 4, 2017 (Wednesday), which is a national holiday.

The National Day holiday will take 8 days, which is from October 1, 2017 to October 8, 2017. The holiday will be off for 8 days, and will go to work on Monday, 9 October.

Warm reminder:

Is the Mid-Autumn festival high speed free?

According to the implementation plan of toll-free mini-bus tolls for major holidays, the specific policies of freeways are as follows:

1, free pass the time range for the Spring Festival, ching Ming festival, May Day and National Day four national legal holidays, and the general office of the state council file to determine the legal holiday in the day. Free time since the first day of the holidays 00:00, end of the last day of the holiday 24:00 (ordinary highway traffic lane with toll charge time shall prevail, exported vehicles off the charge lane highway time shall prevail).

2. Free driving range of 7 passenger vehicles (including 7 seats) for the driving toll roads, including motorcycles permitted on ordinary toll roads.

3, toll free range of toll roads to comply with the highway law of the People's Republic of China "and the" regulations on the administration of toll roads "regulation, the approval in accordance with law set of toll roads (including Bridges and tunnels). Whether the airport expressway is free to pass, the people's government of the provinces (district, city) will decide. Therefore, according to the implementation plan, although the Mid-Autumn festival does not belong to the major holiday of free passage, the Mid-Autumn festival, the National Day of this year, should be regarded as the same day as the National Day holiday. Therefore, the free time period of this year's National Day Mid-Autumn 8 day holiday is from October 1 to October 8.

In fact, as early as in the implementation scheme of major holidays from small passenger car tolls on met such a situation, in the first year of the Mid-Autumn festival in September 30, 2012, with the 7-day National Day holiday in the country. On this basis, the time of free passage of the National Day bus was clearly defined as September 30 to October 7.

The Mid-Autumn festival is a custom for the moon

The custom of the Mid-Autumn festival, according to historians, originated from ancient court writers and then spread to the people. As early as in the song of midnight in the wei and jin dynasty, there was a poem, "autumn is the month", which wrote: "looking up at the moon, it is a thousand miles away." In the tang dynasty, the Mid-Autumn moon, play on popular, many poets in the masterpiece of all have to praise in verse, Mid-Autumn festival became fixed festivals, the book of tang dynasty, emperor taizong "records" August 15 Mid-Autumn festival ". Legend has it that the emperor xuanzong of the moon palace, got the neon clothes, the folk began to prevail the custom of the Mid-Autumn festival.

In the northern song dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival was officially set for August 15, and the "small cakes such as chewy mooncakes, cakes and candy" were included in the festival. "In the autumn night, you will be decorated in the pavilion, and the folk fight for the month of the wine," said the elder statesman, Tokyo menghua. And "the string is very heavy, near the residents, late at night the sound of the music, just like the clouds. Children in the room, even the Lantern Festival; It is the night city of pikhotan. "This is a golden pineapple," wu said. "the jade is cool, the jade is cool, the cinnamon is fragrant and the silver is full." Wang sun, the rich family of the big room, not to ascend the dangerous building, the visit to the xuan moon, or open the pavilion, the banquet of dai banquet, the violin and the sonorous, wine high song, to the joy of the night. To be like the home of the berth, also deng xiaoxia, arrange the family banquet, the regiment surround the children, for the festival. Though the humble alley of the wastebasket, the city of the city, the city of the city, is reluctant to be happy. This night sky street sells buy, until 5 drums, play month tourist, mother-in-law yu city, to burn ceaselessly." Even more interestingly, the new pact is talk about "account of the worship of common:" the whole family to rich and poor children can go to 12, all with the eye of the adult eye act the role ofing, floor or atrium incense worship, each dynasty; The man would like to go to toad hall early, gao kao GUI. ...... Women would like to be like chang 'e, round like the bright moon."

In the Ming and qing dynasties, the appreciation of the moon was popular. "Its offerings are round"; Each family will set "moonlight" and "worship the moon" in the direction of the moon. Lu qihong, "Beijing year of China" : "in the autumn night, people will be placed on the symbol of the moon palace. Chen melon fruit in the court, cake flour picture moon palace toad; Men and women are burning incense and burning incense." Tian rucheng, "sightseeing in the west lake" cloud: "it is a day, people have a feast of the moon, or a boat with cypress lake, along the tour. The su causeway, together with the song, the same day; "The folk are invited by mooncakes to take the meaning of reunion." "Mid-Autumn moon cakes, which used to be the first place in Kyoto, are not enough to eat," said rich chowman, yan jing. Moon cakes are everywhere. Large ruler yu, painted moon palace wax rabbit shape." "Every Mid-Autumn festival, the home of the family is a gift of mooncakes. At the end of may, Chen guoko was in court for the month, and he was to sacrifice edamame and cockles. As a result, he was in the air, the clouds began to disperse, the cup was washed, and the children made a noise. Men are not worshiped at all times of the month. At the same time it has put in more than five hundred years "burn bucket", "the moon", "put the sky lanterns", "Mid-Autumn festival", "tower lamp", "dragon dance", "tow stone", "sell Lord rabbit" festival activities; Among them, the moon, eating moon cakes, reunion dinner and other customs, has been circulating to today.

The Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival. According to historical records, the word "Mid-Autumn festival" first appeared in the book "zhou li". In the wei and jin dynasties, there was a record of "the bovine in the book town, the Mid-Autumn day and the right and left weijiang river". It was not until the early tang dynasty that the Mid-Autumn festival became a fixed festival. The "tang book of taizong" recorded "the Mid-Autumn festival of August 15". The popularity of the Mid-Autumn festival began in the song dynasty, and in Ming and qing dynasties, it became one of the main festivals in China. It is also the second most traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival.

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