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The ministry of patent

Patent department by senior patent agents have many years of experience in domestic and foreign agents, mainly responsible for all kinds of patent case retrieval, write, review, invalid, infringement analysis, design, etc., and provide related consulting and training. We have established a good cooperation relationship with houn group, norp letter, xinyi glass, ray fung photoelectric, aerospace division, Great Wall computer, shenzhen university, shenzhen polytechnic institute and so on.

Trademark office

Brand building, trademark first. Trademark department consists of trademark agents trademark agency experience for many years, mainly engaged in trademark registration, renewal, alteration, transfer, review, objection to cancellation, well-known trademark recognition of famous trademarks, trademark infringement litigation and other services, to provide trademark related knowledge training and consulting, omni-directional three-dimensional into your trademark layout ideas, strengthen your brand.

Customer service department

Has more than customer service department is made up of industry experience and legal background of senior backbone personnel composition, its main role is to one-on-one service to customers, for customers to disabuse specific intellectual property rights question and provide comprehensive intellectual property rights (ipr) protection plan and suggestion. The customer service department always has a high sense of responsibility and professional service ability to meet customer needs as the starting point and target customer satisfaction. According to the actual demand of customer's intellectual property protection, we provide the whole service and personalized service to our customers, and we are committed to establishing a good and stable partnership with our customers.

Application of

Program department has more than by tube archives manage experience and the law of the researchers in related background, has a perfect patent trademark management system and standardize the process management system case, its main duty is to provide in-house monitoring, intermediate files to convey, cost management, archives management, and other processes. All the members of the program insist on the customer's interests first, and ensure the timeliness, effectiveness and safety of all cases in a rigorous manner.

International division

Division consists of ten years experience of foreign-related patent agent composition, each member has rich professional term, patent term skilled foreign language level, familiar with international convention, article related to the basic law of all countries and PCT application, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and separate abroad applications of relevant approval process and understand national patent application file format, writing requirements and the differences of the patent protection. International patent agent is responsible for the translation of the application documents and into the local national specification documents, to ensure accurate application letter words in place, content to provide local professional protection of intellectual property legal services.

The legal department

Legal department is responsible for the patent is invalid, tort litigation, the consultant, the processing of permission, customs registration and other legal affairs, each lawyer has profound technology and law strength, good at intellectual property laws related to the transaction, in the long-term the accumulated rich working experience in the process of handling the case.

The project department

Mainly for the recognition of hi-tech enterprises to declare to the masses of scientific and technological enterprise and government science and technology project funding and other comprehensive services, by a group of high material organization and seasoned veteran, intellectual property rights law, familiar with the government policy of science and technology, in the recognition of hi-tech enterprises declare experienced r&d funding for science and technology.